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  • In the News

    Q&A: What’s next for the Tax Bill?

      At 1:36 AM on Saturday, December 2, the Senate passed H.R. 1, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act by a vote of 51-49. With this vote, the tax bill is at about the halfway mark to becoming law. Here's what's ahead: The House and Senate must go to conference and produce a joint conference…

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  • Gavel Down / TN (Sep. 26–30, 2016)

    Tennessee’s largest cities lose an insurer. The state — and the world — mourn the loss of a legend. Our roads may not be top of the class, but ten Tennessee schools shine. And stay tuned for some Tennessee news from POPVOX next week! BCBST pulls out of largest TN cities; lawmakers react The big news of the week: Blue…

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  • Gavel Down/Tennessee (9/18–23, 2016)

    With the General Assembly special session over, we return to our regularly scheduled scuttlebutt and speculation about the legislative year ahead, and there were no shortage of stories this week. Here are the highlights: Feds confirm: TN now complies with fed DUI standards (topic of last week’s special legislative session) and will keep the $60 million in…

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  • Announcing Something New on POPVOX

    In the coming weeks, things will begin to look a little different on POPVOX, starting with the bill page. Today we kick off a series of changes designed to give you a personalized POPVOX experience, more ways to engage, richer content — and soon, state-level data. The key to this transition is a new series…

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  • Issue Spotlight: What’s in the #Omnibus?

    Our non-exhaustive outline, drawing from committee sources, summaries, and bill text: Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2016 (The “Omnibus”)   A. Agriculture Rural Development: $2.8 billion ($36.7 billion in loan authorizations for rural communities to address housing, electrification and telecommunication needs) Natural Resources Conservation Service: $864 million Food Safety $1 billion for the Food Safety and Inspection…

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