What’s Up Washington (Sept. 19, 2017)

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House is out for district work period.

Senate is in at 10, with a vote at 11 on nomination of Noel J. Francisco to be Solicitor General of the United States.

Senators hold weekly caucus meetings at 2:15 PM.



  • President Trump will address the United Nations, expected to issue harsh warnings to Iran, North Korea; tweets that “some tricky things happening”

  • VP Pence is returning from UN festivities early so he can join the Senate GOP caucus meeting today to talk Graham-Cassidy

  • Reconciliation authority turns into a pumpkin countdown clock: 12 Days

  • Bare-bones” CBO assessment coming next week, full report will not be available before September 30 deadline

  • Democrats now mounting full court press against the bill, but the “Medicare for All” press conference on same day G-C release was probably not the best strategy

  • Even if G-C makes it through the Senate, House passage is not 100% assured

  • Meanwhile, the bipartisan HELP committee effort to shore up insurance markets seems to be progressing

  • Sean Spicer’s travel disguise “may have included facial hair” (gotta rush back from Emmys for gig at Charlie Palmer’s

  • Office of Gov Ethics will not change policy to allow anonymous gifts to legal defense funds after all (as previously reported)

  • “Mind boggling” damage in Dominica from Hurricane Maria as UVI and Puerto Rico prepare for possible hit tonight

  • FCC commissioners unanimously agreed to reopen comment period on political disclosures for internet ads, will hold hearing if substantive comments received

  • With $450 million on Facebook and $350 million on Google in 2016 election alone, stakes are high for internet companies

  • Senators and tech cos also at odds over sex trafficking prevention bill, topic of Senate Commerce hearing today @ 10:30 AM

  • New report says US lost $510 in M&A deals due to US tax code

  • Renegotiation of NAFTA getting complicated and if not sent to Congress by July 2018, would require new Trade Promotion Authority

  • Bombshell in Russia investigation: Former Trump Campaign Chairman Manafort was wiretapped by FBI before and after election

  • Location scout for Netflix’s “Narcos” found murdered in Mexico

  • DoJ and SEC investigating Equifax stock sales by insiders before disclosure of massive breach

  • Slow clap for this tweet: “Two Parrotts served in the House and they were both ‘landlubbers.’” – @USHouseHistory

  • “They grow up so fast?” NOT today’s teens

  • One-fifth of college students (regardless of party) say it’s OK to use physical violence to shut down speaker making “offensive and hurtful statements”

  • 62 % Democrats, 39% of Republicans of students say it’s acceptable to “shout down” a speaker with whom they disagree

  • Minority Leader Pelosi [D, CA] was shouted down at DREAMers rally in San Francisco

  • Former President Obama has hit the Wall Street speech circuit, bringing in six-figure fees

  • Sen. Grassley’s greatest (Twitter) hits re: the History Channel

  • One man prevented nuclear war with a quick “gut” decision