What’s Up Washington (Sept. 18, 2017)

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House is out for district work period.


Senate is in at 3 PM, with first votes at 5:30 PM on the McCain-Reed substitute amendment #1003 to the NDAA, cloture, and passage.




  • In the spotlight this week: Graham-Cassidy health bill, last attempt to “repeal and replace” Obamacare before FY2017 reconciliation process expires September 30

  • The bill reduces and redistributes federal health care money to the states

  • Majority Leader McConnell said he will bring it to the floor for a vote if it has support of 50 Republicans

  • Senate Democrats issued a “red alert” over the weekend

  • Senate HELP committee attempt to pass fix to stabilize insurance markets running into classic Senate roadblock: jurisdiction battles

  • Also up this week: the one bill that always finds a way to become a law

  • Budget hawks facing headwinds going into tax reform discussions

  • Overheard in DC: Of course NYTimes reporter was at the next table while Trump lawyers had revealing conversation about internal rifts, legal strategy

  • Must-read on RT, Sputnik and "Russia’s New Theory of War"

  • At least one lawmaker doesn’t buy that Russia attempted to intervene in the 2016 election, calling it “total bull–”

  • Under search warrant, Special Counsel Mueller received information about payments and copies of the 2016 election ads purchased on Facebook by Russians attempting to influence the election

  • Is it time to apply election laws to digital campaign ads?

  • Facebook reportedly removing posts from people documenting violence against the Rohingya people in Myanmar

  • Some former Trump campaign officials tapping their kids’ college funds to cover legal fees

  • One former Trump official, “Spicey,” made his Emmy’s debut, to mixed reviews

  • Office of Gov Ethics changes policy to allow anonymous gifts from lobbyists to legal defense funds

  • How Trump’s campaign promises are holding up

  • What the last Americans to negotiate with North Korea say about the recent escalation

  • Why Trump is suddenly working with Democrats: math

  • Democrats could face tough choices in the negotiations over DACA details

  • According to report, Interior Sec. Zinke recommends modification of ten national parks and reducing the size of fsix

  • Living next to a Russian spy house can be weird (and really messes with cell reception)

  • President Trump received extensive “American Power 101” briefing in “The Tank”

  • Former VP Biden not a fan of the Uniform Basic Income 

  • Health insurers may contribute to the opioid crisis by making non-opioid options difficult, more expensive to access

  • Industry lobbying to keep some Obama-era environmental rules

  • Florida utility laws prohibit homes without power after from using their own solar panels off the grid

  • Meet the three House members of the “Triplet Caucus

  • Not just logging into your iPhone with your face… soon artificial intelligence will be able to detect your politics

  • Amazing view of the U.S. Capitol that happens only twice a year​