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What do the buzzers mean?

... both chambers employ a system of bells (that sound more like buzzers) and lights (on clocks and displays throughout the Capitol Complex) that...
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iPads on the House Floor Mean Better Information for Everyone

Allowing Members of Congress better tools and hence greater independence in their research needs will actually increase the quality of information available to everyone.
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So, Where is the Language for the SHIELD Act (WikiLeaks bill)?

Unfortunately, the system for introducing a bill in Congress still includes a lot of paper and the system for making that information available to...
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S 510 may be “Blue-Slipped” – What does that mean?

Since S.510 has received a lot of attention from POPVOX users, it seemed like a good time to explain exactly what “blue slipping” means....
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How Laws Are Made

Some resources on the legislative process.
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Members of Congress only want to hear from constituents (no one else.)

Members of Congress want to hear from their constituents (no one else.) \n \nThis is one of the first, most important rules of legislative advocacy. ...
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techPresident–Can We the People Use the Internet to Make Congress Smarter?

Can We the People Use the Internet to Make Congress Smarter? in techPresident
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The Huffington Post–The Tragedy of Political Advocacy

The Tragedy of Political Advocacy in The Huffington Post
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Why I’m excited to join POPVOX

Josh and I are excited to name Rachna Choudhry as the third member of our founding team and the Chief Marketing Officer for POPVOX. ...
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Welcome to POPVOX

Constituent communications are flooding and overwhelming Congressional offices. The resulting logjam is not good for the public trying to express an opinion and causes...
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