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  • Weekly Update

    WEEKLY UPDATE: The Week Ahead in Congress

    Bills up for a vote in Congress this week Congress returns from July 4 to begin its annual sprint to August recess. The House will take up a counterterrorism bill that includes restrictions on gun purchases for terror suspects, as well as bills on mental health, Medicare payment policies for medical equipment, and fixes to new…

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  • Gavel Down

    GAVEL DOWN: Closing out the Week in Congress

    Puerto Rico defaulted on largest debt payment so far, as lawmakers work on new legislative solution to the island’s debt crisis. Several much anticipated rules (proposed and final) were released this week. Treasury Department announced efforts to stem tax fraud, largely in response to Panama Papers. House and Senate were on recess, working back home; both…

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    Weekly Update

    WEEKLY UPDATE: The Week Ahead in Congress

    The House returns and will take up bills to officially call violence by ISIS "genocide", to grant observer status to Taiwan in the International Criminal Police Organization, and to address several technical issues related to regulated utilities and broadband.  Condemning violence by ISIS as "genocide," calling for war crimes tribunal A provision in last year's Omnibus bill…

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    Gavel Down: Nov. 21 – 27

    This week Congress was out for Thanksgiving. The President pardoned a turkey and signed six bills into law — including one he previously vetoed. A corporate merger strategically designed for tax benefit reignites the “inversions” talk in Congress and there are rumors of a deal coming on “Tax Extenders.”   Top Search on POPVOX this…

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  • Gavel Down: Nov. 9 – 13

    Closing Out the Week in Congress Nov. 9 – 13 #Recess There was a collective exhale on Capitol Hill, as frenetic pace gave way to a recess in the House and shortened week in the Senate. Members were home in their districts and states to commemorate Veteran’s Day and staffers in Washington put away the heels, pulled…

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