What’s Up Washington (Sept. 15, 2017)

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Today in Congress


House and Senate are out.



  • Play-by-play on yesterday’s DACA deal-or-no-deal between President Trump and Democrats, and reactions from Hill Republicans and conservative media

  • Path to citizenship” (included in DREAM Act) is most controversial

  • Personal chemistry and desire to “put some runs on the board” factors in Trump’s “bipartisan kick

  • Hill Democrats mostly ok with “Schulosi”-Trump dynamic, for now

  • Sens. Alexander [R, TN] and Kaine [D, VA] take their bipartisan duet on the road this weekend, performing on the TN-VA line

  • Graham-Cassidy health bill got a boost with Majority Leader McConnell asking CBO to prioritize scoring

  • Sen. Cassidy [R, LA] says he has 48-49 Republican votes locked in

  • What the bill does

  • President's tweets on morning attack in London “not helpful

  • Nor were his fresh “both sides” comments on Charlottesville following one-on-one with Sen. Tim Scott [R, SC]

  • A tax reform math review for us all… and why American workers pay twice as much tax than investors

  • 11-year old Frank Giaccio was all business this morning mowing the White House lawn

  • Sens. Warren [D, MA] and Schatz [D, HI] introduced bill requiring free credit freezing after a data breach

  • Harvard’s Kennedy School withdrew fellowship invitation for Chelsea Manning

  • Facebook allowed ad purchases to target anti-Semitic terms

  • Why Steve Bannon wears so many shirts

  • The amazing images Cassani brought us throughout its twenty-year journey across our solar system before plunging into Jupiter’s atmosphere

  • “Cassini showed us the beauty of Saturn. It revealed the best in us. Now it's up to us to keep exploring.”