Today in Congress


House in at 9 AM for morning hour and noon for legislative business. First votes expected 10:30 – 11:30 PM, Last votes at 5 – 6 PM. Votes continue on nine amendments to the "minibus" multi-agency spending bill (H.R. 3284). House wilk also vote on the rule for Criminal Alien Gang Member Removal Act (H.R. 3697).

Senate in at 10 AM with continued consideration of FY18NDAA. Cloture does not "ripen" until Friday, but the Senate can agree to proceed to the NDAA today (if no senator ojects).






  • "Chuck and Nancy" reached agreement on DACA framework with the President (just don’t call it a deal!)

  • Details  on the non-deal: DACA fix (Dems say it must be DREAM Act) with enforcement measures, but not tied specifically to a border wall

  • Obligatory reminder that Mitch and Paul still “control the paper” and what comes to the Floor for a vote (Trump says they are on board)

  • House conservatives want broader enforcement provisions coupled with DACA vote

  • Judiciary Chairman Grassley [R, IA] rqsts stff brf on biparty

  • At this point, coup speculation just part of the job for a House Speaker, right?

  • Yes, non-senators, please say more about your thoughts on the filibuster

  • Senate Majority Leader McConnell sees court appointments as opportunity for longest reach into the future

  • President Trump reportedly said “I understand” when Sen. Tim Scott [R, SC] explained his concerns with the president’s comments post-Charlottesville

  • Senate HELP Committee working towards bipartisan bill by ”early next week” to stabilize insurance markets (fund cost-sharing payments, expand high deductible “copper plans,” give more flexibility for state waivers)

  • House voted unanimously for spending bill amendment to curb civil asset forfeiture (a policy halted in 2015 by Obama administration and reinstated by AG Sessions)

  • Former National Security Advisor Rice “unmasked” senior Trump officials to find out who was meeting with UAE crown prince on a trip to NY he failed to disclose to the Obama administration

  • Russia storylines collide with “red-hot” focus on social media

  • Facebook conducting internal review (that it doesn’t plan to make public)

  • Former FEC Chairman sent letter to Zuckerberg urging public release of “illegal political ads”

  • FAA reauthorization “waiting on [Transpo Chairman] Shuster [R, PA]” who is standing firm on air traffic control privatization plan (current FAA Auth expires 9/30)

  • “Pharma Bro” Shkreli headed to jail as judge revokes his bail over his social media post offering money for a hair HRC’s head

  • New Medicare card coming – and along with that, scams telling seniors they have to pay for it (they don’t)

  • Which projects in your area were part of the New Deal?

  • Ways & Means Chairman Brady [R, TX] lays out the road ahead for Tax Reform (details coming Sept 25)

  • Trump says tax reform will not cut taxes for the wealthy (though current drafts do)

  • What’s this $2T tax deduction that businesses don’t really want?

  • Trump Administration just blocked Chinese-backed deal to purchase a U.S. semiconductor company

  • Sen Hatch [R, UT] is all in on medical marijuana… and puns… and  Twitter

  • Poetic that Mnuchin military plane for honeymoon request shares news cycle with Dog Tuxedo lady