Today in Congress


Given absences due to Hurricane Irma, the House cancelled votes for today.

Senate in at 3 PM to resume consideration of the FY18 NDAA. Cloture vote at 5:30 PM.





  • New memorial dedicated today will honor lives lost on 9/11 and of responders who died from 9/11-related illnesses

  • Ground broken yesterday on 93-foot tall Tower of Voices memorial in Shanksville, PA

  • House votes cancelled today due to Hurricane Irma

  • After pounding the Caribbean and Florida over the weekend, Irma downgraded to tropical storm, headed to Georgia

  • “Social fabric is starting to fray” in parts of the Caribbean hit hardest by Irma and Jose

  • Rep. Ross [R, FL] joined a NOAA crew to fly into Hurricane Irma

  • Puerto Ricans launch volunteer civilian sealift to assist Caribbean neighbors

  • Tesla pushed a temporary update to give the cars a bit more battery life for those evacuating in Florida

  • Good time to read up on federal flood insurance, which covers approximately $42 billion in Florida assets

  • Heads up: CHIP & FAA re authorizations didn’t make it into the CR deal; must find vehicle before September 30

  • Former senator Max Baucus [D, MT] now backs single-payer

  • Awkward but insightful inside-their-heads look at Trump-Schumer relationship (especially weird: the “Schumer at the Senate gym” thought bubble)

  • President Trump meets today with Sen. Scott [R, SC] for a personal, one-on-one discussion of race post-Charlottesville

  • China to ban sale of combustion-engine vehicles

  • Imagine there’s no countries

  • Miss America interview portion covered way more ground than a presidential primary debate

  • Does the U.S. News college ranking contribute to a “permanent underclass based on education”?

  • FBI investigating Russian-run Sputnik for possible violation of foreign agents registration law

  • Tensions high this week in Baltic countries as Russia moves troops into Belarus for Zapad-2017 war game

  • Rep. Jones [R, NC] says failure to hold debate on new Authorization for Use of Military Force “wastes taxpayer dollars”

  • Senate Appropriations report includes strong rebuke of “administration’s apparent doctrine of retreat”

  • White announces new round of US Attorney nominees

  • Everything you need to know about North Korea’s nukes

  • Trump may greenlight development of “mini nukes”

  • The Hill is booming – and planning a streaming comedy show

  • First look at the SpaceX spacesuit

  • Cities across the country vying to be Amazon’s new HQ2 home – 39 meet Amazon’s qualifications (Seattle feeling a bit jilted TBH)

  • U.S. Open “All-American semifinal” and final ended with a very long hug & absolute elation

  • Enjoy this video of Sloane Stephens dodging a bug

  • Provision requiring Hill interns to be paid made it into the Leg Branch Approps bill

  • You are such a millennial if…