Today in Congress


House in at 10 AM  for morning hour and noon for legislative business. Votes at 6:30 PM on a series of suspension bills. 

Senate in at 10 AM to resume consideration of the FY18 NDAA. Weekly caucus meetings from 12:30 – 2:15 PM.






  • Yesterday the U.S. national debt hit $20 trillion for first time ever – made possible by debt ceiling deal reached last week

  • Majority Leader McConnell points out that “extraordinary measures” mean next debt ceiling coming well into 2018 (giving Democrats less December leverage than some predicted)

  • “One of the advantages of being the majority leader is you control the paper” [the bill text] – McConnell

  • Last night Sen. Paul [R, KY] held up Senate’s motion to proceed to NDAA as protest calling for vote to end current authorization for use of military force AUMF

  • In deal reached with McConnell, Paul will get four hours today to make the case for a new AUMF

  • Over 300 amendments have been filed on host of controversial issues

  • Senate unanimously passed joint resolution condemning the violence and domestic terrorist attack in Charlottesville and condemning white nationalists, white supremacists, the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis, and other hate groups Monday night

  • As joint resolution, it will go to the president for his signature

  • House Energy and Commerce and Judiciary announced hearings on Equifax data breach, Senate Finance sent letter requesting more info

  • People come and go so quickly in Congress – it’s “not as much fun as it has been”

  • Former Speaker Boehner urged president to maintain South Korea free trade agreement (KORUS)

  • President holding bipartisan dinner on tax reform at the White House tonight; on the list: Sens. Donnelly [D, IN], Heitkamp [D, ND], Manchin [D, WV], Hatch [R, UT], Thune [R, SD], Toomey [R, PA]

  • With Russian Zapad-17 war games in Belorussia, US joins NATO allies for “Rapid Trident 2017” exercise in Ukraine

  • It wasn’t just ads: Russia used Facebook events to organize anti-immigrant protests on U.S. soil

  • People lined up overnight in NYC for Hillary Clinton’s book-signing – she sent them pizza

  • Someone should probably send some pizza to the Ted Cruz office

  • Get ready for the red carpet! “Democracy Awards” launching for Congress

  • Day 3 of Sen. Menendez [D, NJ] corruption trial included a deep dive on the intricacies of Amex points

  • More Senate Dems signing onto the Sen. Sanders [I, ME] “Medicare for All” bill reportedly coming out tomorrow