Gavel Down/TN (10/9–10/14, 2016)

The big news this week is that POPVOX/TN is live!

Since POPVOX started back in 2010 to connect people with their lawmakers in Congress, we have received hundreds of requests for state versions. We got the message. This week, we are kicking off with POPVOX Tennessee!

The POPVOX Tennessee pilot features five issues that may come up in the next General Assembly session. Selected to provide a range of topics, the highlighted issues provide an opportunity for anyone to “support” or “oppose” and share their input with lawmakers. (As always, POPVOX never endorses or opposes any proposals, we simply provide a way for you to share your voice.)

Visit POPVOX/TN to share your thoughts on these issues with Tennessee lawmakers.


#ICYMI TN Roundup

Here’s your highlights from across the state this week: