Gavel Down/TN (Jan 9-13, 2016)

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The 110th Tennessee General Assembly gaveled in… and out.

The Tennessee legislative session convened on January 10th at noon, selected leadership, and convened until January 30. Several controversial bills have already been introduced. 

Here's what caught our eye in and around the Tennessee Legislature this week.

#TNLeg Update

  • Rep. Beth Harwell [R-Nashville] was officially re-elected as Speaker of the Tennessee House.
  • Sen. Randy McNally [R-Oak Ridge] elected as Tennessee’s 87th Speaker of the Senate.
  • Check out new committee assignments for the 110th General Assembly.
  • Tennessee lawmakers have until February 9th to file bills for this session. (This deadline is one of the reasons why many bills are initially filed as "shells" and changed later in the session.)
  • Speaker Harwell announced a new bipartisan committee to handle sexual harassment complaints.
  • Two Nashville reporters checked out the new #TNLeg sexual harassment training video, which all members and staff are now required to watch.
  • Lawmakers must also disclose "any out-of-state trip with a cost over $100 paid for by an outside sponsor."
  • Twenty lawmakers sent a letter questioning Haslam's plan to privatize maintenance work on Tennessee public college campuses. See: more from Nashville Scene on the companies bidding for the work.
  • The Tennessee General Assembly stands adjourned until January 30.


Notable Bills Introduced in #TNLeg

  • SJR0009/HJR0024: Convention of the States – calls for a convention of states to plan for an Article V Convention to propose a balanced budget amendment to the United States Constitution  (see related story TN Journal)
  • HB0011: TN Hearing Protection Act – removing firearms silencers from a list of banned items having “no common lawful purpose.” (see related story AP)
  • SB0030/HB0033: "requires that the words 'husband,' 'wife,' 'mother,' and 'father' be given their natural and ordinary meaning…" (see related story FoxNews17)
  • HB0043: "prohibits recipients of EBT cards (food stamps) from using the card to purchase food that is high in calories, sugar, and fat, as recommended by the United States department of agriculture…" (see related story WKRN)
  • HB0040: "Constitutional Carry" Open Carry Firearms Freedom Act – allowing anyone who lawfully possesses a firearm to carry their gun in “open” and visible fashion without first needing a government-issued permit (see related story Johnson City Press)

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