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    Q&A: What’s next for the Tax Bill?

      At 1:36 AM on Saturday, December 2, the Senate passed H.R. 1, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act by a vote of 51-49. With this vote, the tax bill is at about the halfway mark to becoming law. Here's what's ahead: The House and Senate must go to conference and produce a joint conference…

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  • Bill Mentions: Congress to Conference on Defense Bill

    Congress is "going to conference" on the on annual defense authorization bill: That means House Democrats and Republicans will appoint a few members as "conferees"; Senate Democrats and Republicans will do the same. The conferees will meet to hammer out differences between what passed the House and what passed the Senate, to reach one combined version…

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  • Issue Spotlight

    Issue Spotlight: Replacing No Child Left Behind

    *** UPDATE – November 30, 2015: The language for the combined House/Senate bill is now available here. *** Last week, the House and Senate conference committee reached agreement on a proposal to replace No Child Left Behind. The legislation is expected to be on the floor of both chambers shortly after the Thanksgiving recess. It…

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