Today in Congress


House is in at 10 AM for morning hour and 12 PM legislative business, with first votes between 1:30 -2:30 PM, last votes between 10:30 -11:30 PM. Votes continue on the 224 amendments to the multi-agency spending bill (H.R. 3354).

Senate is in at 10 AM to work on the Hurricane Harvey relief bill (H.R. 601), which will be amended to include a spending bill and debt ceiling raise through December 8, 2017.




  • As you may heave heard, President Trump endorsed a deal with Dem leadership for a 3-month spending bill, debt ceiling raise, and emergency funding for Hurricane Harvey

  • In the “fascinating and mysterious” move, he rejected the path preferred by Republicans to stave off the debt ceiling for another 12 or 18 months

  • “Mitch and Paul” explained in separate statements that the deal stemmed from Trump’s desire to have a bipartisan response to Harvey

  • Republican Study Committee opposes the deal
  • Could we get rid of this debt ceiling thing altogether?

  • The deal changes the dynamics for tax reform but Republicans are planning for a deal by fall

  • Don’t make plans to get away early for the holidays

  • House Freedom Caucus not happy at all – details emerging on their tax proposal

  • Sen. Sasse [R, NE] not happy and not wasting words

  • Donald Trump Jr. meets today with the Senate Judiciary Committee, will say he attend meeting with Russians out of duty to investigate HRC’s “fitness” for office

  • This is ridiculous

  • Mattis and Tillerson briefed House and Senate lawmakers yesterday on the situation with North Korea with no bluster

  • Hurricane Jose expected to be “major” by Friday

  • Already from Irma, “unprecedented damage” and ten deaths

  • Sean Spicer is livin the life

  • Report that Facebook sold election ads targeting Americans to Russian troll farm raises more questions, possible “tip of the iceberg

  • New memorial honors “the enslaved whose labor created wealth that made possible the founding of the Harvard Law School”

  • Veep” gets a term limit

  • New York City will now offer free lunch to all students