Today in Congress

Senate in at 12:30 PM for weekly caucus meetings. 

House is in at 10 AM for legislative business, with first votes between 12 -1 PM, last votes between 10 -11 PM.

House votes on:

  • Harvey Disaster relief (H.R. 3672), and
  • Latta bill (H.R. 3388) providing for federal regulation of self-driving cars.

Both the House and Senate will have national security briefings from cabinet members on North Korea and Afghanistan.

The House will begin work on 118 amendments to the Omnibus spending bill (H.R. 3354).


  • Yesterday’s DACA announcement put even more crazy into September that was there already; current DACA strategy on the Hill: Not a clue (yet)

  • Battle lines are starting to take shape – from quick fix, to more comprehensive immigration bill, to something in between

  • President seems to have embraced… all approaches? Including willingness to “revisit” if Congress fails to act

  • In 2010 five red state Dems killed the Dream Act in the Senate – now the politics have changed significantly for Democrats

  • Rep. Mike Coffman circulating a discharge petition for the Dream Act (4 signatures so far; 218 needed)

  • One leader of a major company says DACA should come before tax reform

  • Hurricane Irma is now the strongest Atlantic storm ever recorded, impact with Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands imminent

  • Florida is bracing with evacuations for the Keys and parts of Miami-Dade

  • House votes today on first tranche of Hurricane Harvey emergency funding  – it will come up as a suspension, requiring two-thirds vote to pass

  • The Senate will then attach provision raising the debt ceiling to the House bill and send it back over

  • That’s a move opposed by conservatives in the House and Senate

  • White House will attempt to keep members on board with the Harvey/debt ceiling plan

  • Majority Leader McCarthy [R, CA] announced legislative road ahead for the House: 3-month Continuing Resolution, punting wall debate to December, and Budget bill in September with reconciliation instructions for tax reform

  • Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp [ND] travels today with President Trump to North Dakota for a tax reform speech

  • Senate HELP Committee holds first of four hearings stabilizing health insurance markets, consistent with Chairman Alexander’s "small, bipartisan and balanced” approach

  • Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: Rep. McArthur [R, NJ] has reached agreement with the Freedom Caucus on a health bill

  • House Intel subpoenaing FBI for docs related to the famous dossier

  • These are the lawmakers who won recess

  • Mario (Luigi’s brother) has apparently changed careers

  • New policy announced for Utah hospital where nurse was arrested for refusal to draw blood at police direction: no interactions with officers

  • It’s “M-A-D-O-N-N- … yeeeeeees, I’ll hold.”

  • Starbucks verifies Fall is here

  • Year's best Fantasy Football team names

  • At least someone is loving the whole Russia thing