Streaming POPVOX comments on YOUR site

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One key ingredient in the “secret sauce” of the POPVOX is that users’ comments to Congress are public, sortable by Congressional district and findable via search engine. When your comments on a bill you care about are public, you are not just letting your Rep or Senator know what you think; you are helping to educate others, giving the media context and shaping the debate.

Today, we are happy to introduce a trial run of one more way to amplify these messages across the Internet: the POPVOX Comment Stream widget . Now you can stream comments from POPVOX on your own site, with varying levels of customization by bill number, bill position, issue area OR geographic location. So for example, you could choose ALL comments on a bill, just supporting or just opposing comments on a bill, comments on a particular issue, or comments from a specific state… and the customization possibilities wil evolve.

Below is an example of a comment stream for HR 1174, which was the top trending bill on POPVOX last week.

The widget is easy to load into a WordPress page or any other site that allows you to paste html code. Follow this link , customize the widget to your interests, adjust the size to fit your site and copy the html code that appears in the lower right-hand corner.

Combine the POPVOX Comment Stream widget with the “Take Action” widget that you can find on any POPVOX bill page to give your readers rich content and a way to weigh in on bills that are discussed on your site.

What do you think?