Weekly Update: The Week Ahead in Congress (Sep. 12-16, 2016)

Tech bills in the House, water resources in the Senate, and lots of behind-the-scenes talk about a funding deal. The Senate will again work on a $9.4 billion water projects bill that includes $200 million for Flint, Michigan. The House will vote on tech-related bills to prohibit ticket-buying bots, and prevent agreements limiting consumers' right to leave Yelp-like […]

BILL MENTIONS: #TheHillTechForum

On June 16, The Hill hosted a talk titled “The Democratization of Technology: A Discussion on the Accessibility of Innovation.” The conversation centered on open data, the implications and opportunities for innovation by — and collaboration between — the public and private sectors. Watch the event here. Bill Mentions at #TheHillTechForum: Rep. Jared Polis [D, CO-2], founder […]

WEEKLY UPDATE: The Week Ahead in Congress

The Senate returns from recess; the House is still out until April 12. The Senate will vote on a bill to allow companies to sue for theft of trade secrets. It may also vote on reauthorizing the FAA through 2017. On Wednesday, the Administration will release the final "Fiduciary Rule" for investment advisors. New Protections […]