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Lawmakers consult POPVOX to find the positions groups or companies have taken on pending bills, and to get insight from issue experts — like you!

  • Set up your POPVOX Stakeholder Profile 
  • Support or oppose pending bills and post your organization positions (neutral posts also welcomed).
  • Share your POPVOX Legislative Agenda page or embed directly on your website.





Customize and embed “Write Lawmaker Widgets” for your website


For every position your organization posts on POPVOX, you can create and embed a custom widget to help your supporters share their story with lawmakers.

  • All action happens on your page and is registered and delivered through the POPVOX system.
  • With clean design and social sign-in, the process is easy to complete, easy to share.
  • Get POPVOX Pro for more customization options, detailed analytics, and to supporter contact download.







The POPVOX "Write Lawmaker" widget


More POPVOX Widgets

Many POPVOX widgets are free and require just a bit of code to display dynamic content on your site.

  • BILL DETAIL: The Bill Detail widget updates as the bill moves through Congress. This saves you time from updating your campaign page, and offers dynamic content — so your visitors keep coming back to your website.
  • COMMENT STREAM: The Comment Stream widget displays the latest comments to lawmakers. For POPVOX PRO clients, the stream may be filtered by position (support/oppose), by state, or to only display comments sent through the stakeholder's embedded widget.
  • OPINION MAP: The Opinion Map widget displays a sentiment map and POPVOX charts to give your visitors social context and a clear, real-time snapshot of how (and from where) others are weighing in.