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Your organization’s supporters each have their own stories to tell–in their own authentic voice. POPVOX can help collect and deliver those stories to their lawmakers. POPVOX is much more than a petition site. It’s about creating a meaningful way to run your advocacy campaign.

You know that moving legislation is a marathon, not a sprint. With POPVOX tools, you can display real-time campaign growth and analytics on your website so your supporters stay engaged.

Here’s how you can amplify your voice on Capitol Hill and in state legislatures with POPVOX.


Enable supporters to take action directly on your website

With just a snippet of code, you can embed POPVOX Pro “Write Lawmaker" tools on any website, so your supporters aren’t redirected to a third-party site to take action. POPVOX delivers participant letters to representatives in Congress, state legislators – or to federal agencies.












Citizen advocates are more influential and contribute to better public policy when they provide personalized and local information to Congress.”

Eight in 10 (79%) of Congressional staffers said a personal story from a constituent related to the bill or issue would be helpful, but only 18% report they receive it frequently, according to the Congressional Management Foundation. 










Collect real stories from verified constituents

Congressional staffers consistently say they don't want to be bombarded by form letters. Instead, they want quality communications over quantity. POPVOX helps achieve that by not using form letters or petitions but guiding participant to write a letter in their own voice – with the help of your custom content!






Show how your campaign is growing with data visualization widgets


Add a heat map of the United States showing participation and a line graph showing campaign growth over time. Embed a live comment stream so display what your supporters are telling lawmakers. 










Elevate your issue expertise on Capitol Hill

Congressional staffers, advocacy groups and the public use POPVOX as a source for policy research. Your organization's POPVOX profile help you be found when people are searching for policy experts.







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