Announcing POPVOX Congress Match – Does your Representative (or Senator) represent you?

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With the beginning of the 2012 Election Year, POPVOX is proud to introduce “Congress Match” — a personalized grid to show how well your Representatives and Senators line up with your views.

Congress Match displays every bill on which you expressed an opinion, along with how your legislator voted (if a vote was held). Congress Match also shows if your Member voted present or was absent.  

As you weigh in on more bills and Congress takes more votes, Congress Match will update to help you see just how “representative” your Representative or Senators are.  That means that in 2012, you have even more reasons to tell your legislators what you think about pending legislation — and a way to see how well they listened when Election Day rolls around.

Congress Match comes out of the hard work of POPVOX developer Annalee Flower Horne. She began working on it with our friend Mackenzie Morgan during the International Open Data Day Hackathon that POPVOX co-hosted with the Wikimedia DC last month.

To access Congress Match, visit:

Note: You must have weighed in on bills using POPVOX to access the grid. 

UPDATE: We are grateful for all the kind words coming in from “POPVOX Nation”

Just logged into Congress match and love it!!! Keep up the good work of keeping people informed and giving us a voice in our government!!! – Janet from North Vernon, IN

This is great! I think it will revolutionize the concept of ‘informed voting’! – Jack from Brownsville, TX

Another great job.  Your website is a great way for the average citizen to see what is going on in House & Senate. I wish more people would take advantage.  Seeing how our representative vote is another means of holding them accountable. Thanks – Richard, from Durham, NC

Right on target! .. PS  Guess I can eliminate the spreadsheet I was keeping to do this very thing!! – Bob from Fort Worth TX

Excellent job. .. This is great.  There isn’t much I respond to but this is the best, most useful information to let me know if I am be heard by my representatives. – Brian, from Thomasville, PA

This will be very helpful in determining how well my congress representatives are actually representing me. This will help me to be a much more informed voter! Thanks again for bringing us such an excellent service and for continuing to improve upon it!! – Ryan from Villa Rica, GA 

The new tool is wonderful. It is exactly what I didn’t realize I’ve always wanted 😉  Keep up the good work! – Drew from NY, NY 

Love It.  Very easy to use.  I had been wanting something like this, I just didn’t know it yet. Thank you for providing this service. – Jordan from South Jordan, UT

This is a wholly useful page. this information is sometimes hard to find on the net and this concept puts it all in one place based on your location. i am impressed! – Christopher from Rutland, VT

Thanks for developing Congress Match.  It was difficult to keep track of how congress voted on an individual basis.  The summation of votes is greatly appreciated. – Gary from Wentzville, MO