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Why I’m excited to join POPVOX

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Josh and I are excited to name Rachna Choudhry as the third member of our founding team and the Chief Marketing Officer for POPVOX.  Rachna is passionate about making the advocacy process more efficient.  She draws upon 12 years of coalition-building and staff outreach experience to ensure that POPVOX “solves her problem” -- that is, the problem of the 10,000+ organizations that work to present their members’ concerns to Congress. We will let her explain, below. -- Marci I first met Marci at a dinner party two years ago.  When the host mentioned that she was a congressional staffer,...

Welcome to POPVOX

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Constituent communications are flooding and overwhelming Congressional offices. The resulting logjam is not good for the public trying to express an opinion and causes diminished returns on the investment advocacy organizations make to get their message through.