POPVOX high-fives “We The People”

Today the White House released  its online petition site,

We The People

. This is an exciting time for innovation in technology for civic engagement. We applaud this latest effort, which is in line with the President’s

#AskObama Twitter Townhall

and the House Majority’s ”


”  crowdsourcing effort around the budgeting process.

At every level, it is clear that elected leaders want to hear from the people they represent — a thesis we wholeheartedly agree with at



How many laws does Congress make every year?

This year we’re on track for a banner year in the number of bills introduced and also for fewest bills enacted into law. That means Congress has been both busy and gridlocked.

Bills Mentioned in the Iowa #GOPDebate

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POPVOX Announces Integration With Salsa Labs Platform

Salsa Embraces Next-Generation Online Advocacy

Notes from #SocialCongress

Last night, in a start-up-y co-work space in the South-of-Market (SOMA) section of San Francisco, entrepreneurs, advocates, Congressional staffers and some folks who just found the topic interesting came to hear

Brad Fitch

, President of the Congressional Management Foundation, talk “


.”  That included how Congress perceives constituent communication: the good, the bad and the somewhat surprising.

Heritage Action Powers Online Advocacy with POPVOX

POPVOX Write Congress tools enhance conservative grassroots activism

The Washington Post–Popvox connects advocacy groups, public to Congress

Popvox connects advocacy groups, public to Congress in The Washington Post — Capital Business

The Hill 101

Where the Rayburn Am I?

Navigating Capitol Hill is hard. Signs and room numbers don’t always make sense. Tunnels and long marble halls throw off the even the best senses of direction. From constituents in town for a quick fly-in to interns that will soon arrive for the summer, POPVOX wants to help!

Streaming POPVOX comments on YOUR site

Now you can stream comments from POPVOX on your own site, with varying levels of customization by bill number, bill position, issue area OR geographic location.

After years of hibernation, D.C.’s tech scene is finally re-eme

POPVOX: After years of hibernation, D.C.’s tech scene is finally re-emerging in Washington Business Journal