POPVOX Tweets Presidential Debate #2

POPVOX live-tweeted the town hall debate between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney, with links to bills either mentioned or related to the topics discussed.

POPVOX Tweets the VP Debate

[View the story “POPVOX Tweets #VPDebate bills” on Storify]POPVOX Tweets #VPDebate billsPOPVOX live-tweeted the VP debate between Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan, with links to bills either mentioned or related to the topics discussed. Storified by POPVOX · Thu, Oct 11 2012 20:28:18Getting ready to tweet bills mentioned in the #VPdebate. Expecting lots of policy, inclu bills sponsored by #PaulRyan http://bit.ly/W8RRXXPOPVOX#RyanBudgetmentioned. Read bill text & weigh in http://bit.ly/UGkxEh 41%+|59%-| #vpdebatePOPVOXQuestion on Iran: The #Iran Threat Reduction Act was enacted on 8/10/12 http://bit.ly/t2kleH On POPVOX 51%+|49%- #VPdebatePOPVOXQuestion on Iran: See #HR4173 Prevent #Iran from…

Top 50 Bills of the 112th Congress

Here are the top 50 most commented on bills on POPVOX for the 112th Congress (2011-2012).

The Hill 101

What is “suspension of the rules”

The House of Representatives frequently considers non-controversial bills under “suspension of the rules,” in an expedited process. These “suspension bills” require a two-thirds majority vote to pass, get 40 minutes of debate, and no amendments are allowed (except for technical corrections).

The Hill 101

Considering a bill “under a rule”

For major legislation in the House of Representatives, the House Rules Committee establishes a “rule” or “special rule” that lays out the procedure for consideration of the bill.
The rule typically serves several purposes, as outlined by the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service:

It makes the measure “privileged” so it can be considered ahead of other business
It sets the length of time and leaders for debate
It may waive points of order that can be made against the bill
It sets the parameters for amendments that can be offered. Under an “open rule”, any amendments that meet normal House requirements can be considered; under…

What is “Sequestration”?

“Sequestration” or “the Sequester” refers to mandatory cuts to social programs and defense that are scheduled to begin on January 2, 2013 as a result of the failure of the Congressional “Supercommittee” to agree on a plan for $3.8 trillion in deficit reduction.

“Get to Know” the Democratic Convention Speakers

Watching the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC? Follow along on POPVOX! Here’s a partial list of the speakers scheduled to present. For Members of Congress, please check out their “Get to Know a Member” page to see which bills they have introduced or cosponsored. And check out the “Get to Know a State” page for the Governors on the schedule.

Mitt Romney’s Jobs Plan

On Thursday night, Gov. Romney outlined his plan to create new jobs in America as part of his speech accepting the Republican party’s nomination for President. POPVOX is spotlighting the themes of his plan — and what’s been currently proposed by Congress related to these themes.

“Get to Know” the Republican Convention Speakers

Watching the Republican National Convention? Follow along on POPVOX! Here’s a partial list of the speakers scheduled to present.

The 6 Types of Letters to Congress

Is your grassroots campaign full of puppies, screaming monkeys or roaring lions?
Brad Fitch from the Congressional Management Foundation outlines the six different types of constituent communications to Congress and explains which are the most effective. 
According to CMF, when thinking about what affects the decisions of a Member of Congress, remember HEAD, HEART, and HEALTH:
HEAD – why an individual is supporting or opposing the bill
HEART – the personal stories that illustrate how legislation affects real people 
HEALTH – that’s “political health” for the Member — how the legislation will impact the Member’s districtor state
Keep these tips…