The POPVOX Mission:


To connect people and government, empower effective participation, and create a transparent record that influences policy-making and fosters accountable, responsive governing.





POPVOX is a civic engagement platform that meshes real-time legislative data with users’ personal stories and sentiment, delivering public input to government in a format tailored to actionable policy decisions.

Personal stories and constituent opinions can directly impact how elected leaders govern. POPVOX aggregates, verifies, sorts, and counts opinions and delivers input to lawmakers in a transparent, structured format. Serving individuals, legislators, organizations and corporations, POPVOX is akin to a “Legislative LinkedIn” — bringing transparency, efficiency, and accountability to policymaking.


POPVOX is a direct connection to policymakers and a real time snapshot of the conversations others are having with lawmakers on the issues you care about. Each pending bill has its own page that gauges support and opposition in easy-to-understand graphs and pie charts.


How does POPVOX Work?




  1. POPVOX starts with public data – every bill that is introduced in Congress and select regulations that are open for official public comment.
  2. Advocacy groups, organizations and companies create a profile and register their positions endorsing or opposing bills or regulations.
  3. Individuals weigh in and share with friends. Comments are delivered to legislators or federal agencies and are aggregated and displayed publicly on POPVOX.
  4. POPVOX provides a groundbreaking independent metric for advocacy and a public, searchable record of advocacy. 










Anyone can write to Congress, but lawmakers only want to hear from constituents, people who live in their district or state. POPVOX verifies that you’re a real person and an actual constituent — and guarantees delivery of your message. While we can’t promise that your lawmakers will read your letter, a verified constituent is hard to ignore.


Why not sign a petition?

There is power in numbers — but numbers of verified constituents who take the time to express their own thoughts. Traditional petition sites are built for collecting emails but their impact is limited unless they hit a significant volume that breaks into the headlines. Few petition services actually even send messages to lawmakers in a way that can be procssed within legislative offices. The POPVOX verification and delivery process is designed for impact. 


"On the Record" in the Digital Archives of the United States

POPVOX was informed in 2014 by the Library of Congress that the site would be “scraped” by the Library’s Public Policy Archiving project to become part of the permanent historical record of the United States.


Your online civic identity

The new POPVOX allows individuals to manage and maintain online civic profiles, build their civic reputation, engage friends and have meaningful impact in the legislative process.

User profiles, tailored updates, “following” capabilities, and invitation systems give users strategic tools to conduct their own powerful grassroots advocacy. Two out of three POPVOX users say they “want to be more strategic about getting friends/networks to take action on a bill." POPVOX put the power of social organizing within the reach of every individual.



A different kind of company — A "Civic Startup"

POPVOX was founded to empower people, amplify their voices in government — and change the world. It was one of the first companies to identify as a “civic startup,” a corporation with a dual mission to scale and return value while empowering individuals and making government more accountable.

The company's methods for delivering messages to Congress are the best in the market—but POPVOX is much more than a software company. POPVOX is building the world’s “Civic Network” — infrastructure for advocacy and civil society.