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If you have been following the discussions on extending the payroll tax cut (which expires Feb 29), you will be interested in the bill introduced yesterday by the House GOP. The bill extents the tax cut through 2012, with no offsets.

The bill language will be available soon.
Note: POPVOX is neutral. Highlighting a bill does not indicate endorsement.

The Payroll Tax Cut Conference Committee must find savings or cuts to finance extending the payroll tax cut, unemployment benefits and the “doc fix,” to stave off almost 30% automatic cuts to physicians paid by Medicare. The overall package is expected to require approximately $170 billion.

POPVOX users have some ideas on where those savings could come from, based on input on proposals to the original Super Committee (the now-defunct Joint Committee on Deficit Reduction.) The POPVOX tech and design team ran the numbers and created this infographic showing which of proposed deficit reduction measures garnered the greatest bipartisan support from POPVOX users. Consider it a “menu” as conference members return to the table on February 1 and attempt to reach agreement before their February 29 deadline.