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Each week, POPVOX highlights bills that are being considered in Congress, have recently been introduced, or are generally just getting some buzz. Here are a few on the list this week:

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act (HR 3897 and S 2043) provides religious conscience protections for individuals and organizations. (Just introduced.)
The Paying a Fair Share Act (HR 3903 and S 2059) implements the Buffett Rule and reduces the deficit by imposing a minimum effective tax rate for high-income taxpayers. (Just introduced.)
S 1945 permits the televising of Supreme Court proceedings. (Senate committee vote on Thurs.)
Civilian Property Realignment Act (HR 1734) decreases the deficit by realigning, consolidating, selling, disposing, and improving the efficiency of federal buildings and other civilian real property. (Just passed the House)
Expedited Legislative Line-Item Veto and Rescissions Act (HR 3521) provides for a legislative line-item veto to expedite consideration of rescissions. (House considering today)
Budget and Accounting Transparency Act (HR 3581) increases transparency in Federal budgeting. (Passed the House on Tues)
STOCK Act (S 2038) prohibits Members of Congress and employees of Congress from using nonpublic information derived from their official positions for personal benefit. (Senate passed; House begins consideration this week.)
Corolla Wild Horses Protection Act (HR 306) directs the Secretary of the Interior to enter into an agreement to provide for management of the free-roaming wild horses in and around the Currituck National Wildlife Refuge. (House passed Mon.)